Registration Fees and Stamp Duty [Bangalore, Karnataka]

The registration fees and stamp duty rates in Bangalore are things you should know while buying property and also applying for home loan. Stamp duty and registration charges are calculated based on the salable value of property. Each location and area in the state works on GUIDANCE VALUE of the property decided by the respective State Government. You can register property higher than the Guidance Value but not allowed to register less than the GUIDANCE VALUE.

Stamp duty is calculated on the higher value, between the ready reckoner rate (circle rate) and the agreement value of property. For example, if the agreement value of a property is Rs 50 lakhs and the value according to the ready reckoner rate is Rs 40 lakhs, then, the stamp duty would be calculated on the higher value, i.e., Rs 50 lakhs.

Details of Registration Fees and Stamp Duty in Bangalore

Stamp duty 5.6% of the property value
Registration charge 1% of the property value
BBMP, BMRDA & Village Areas Added Cess 10% on the stamp duty
BBMP & Corporation Added Surcharges 2% on stamp duty
BMRDA & other Surcharges 3% on stamp duty

Factors that Determine Charges

  • The property’s age: Since stamp duty is calculated on the total value of the house or property, the age of a particular property plays an important role in determining stamp duty charges cause the Older properties are less expensive.
  • Age of the property holder: Senior citizens pays lower stamp duty charge in most states. 
  • Gender of the Owner: Women in INDIA pays a subsidized stamp duty fee compared to men. 
  • Purpose of the property: Stamp Duty Fee is higher in case of commercial property.
  • Location of the property: Property located in an urban area draws a higher stamp duty than rural or sub-urban area.

Amenities: Higher stamp Duty for more amenities in the Residential or Commercial premises.